Montana Legislature Update – March 1, 2021

In Helena, the pace of bills being considered in House and Senate committees picked up dramatically in the last week as the Montana legislature hurtled toward the transmittal deadline of March 3.  Bills not sent to the opposite chamber by that date are dead for the session.  Speakers in one committee were allowed only oneContinue reading “Montana Legislature Update – March 1, 2021”

Montana Legislature Update – Feb. 22, 2021

Access to the complete range of reproductive health services for women is contentious in our society, and several bills to curtail options are moving through the Montana legislature.  We hear conservative positions as if they are the only Christian way.  The United Methodist Social Principles document shows a more nuanced stance. The statement on reproductiveContinue reading “Montana Legislature Update – Feb. 22, 2021”

Montana Legislature Update – Feb. 15, 2021

The Social Justice Action Team is excited to announce their scenic and functional new website created by Zach Nell, a member of the team and one who constructs websites for a living.  Go there to find who we are, our advocacy topics, loads of information regarding the 2021 legislative session, and how to help. Continue reading “Montana Legislature Update – Feb. 15, 2021”

Montana Legislature Update – Feb. 8, 2021

Bills we have been tracking for weeks: HB 112—prevent trans youth from participating in sports, passed the House and transmitted to the Senate, committee assignment unknown as of 2/7. HB 102—allow for permitless open carry and force colleges to allow guns on campuses, passed both houses and is headed to the governor’s desk. HB 121—requireContinue reading “Montana Legislature Update – Feb. 8, 2021”

Montana Legislature Update – Feb. 1, 2021

Montana Legislature: As a song says, “We can make a difference.” BUMC helped defeat HB 113 which would have prohibited gender affirming medical care for trans youth under age 18 and set penalties for health care providers who violate the law. From pastor letter to youth testimony to messages to legislators, we were there! TheContinue reading “Montana Legislature Update – Feb. 1, 2021”

Montana Legislature Update – Jan. 25, 2021

Montana Legislature: Bills continue moving through the legislature in Helena, and there are still points at which we can possibly make a difference.  If it is still in a committee:1) call 406-444-4800 and leave a message for the whole committee or individual legislatorsOR 2) go to and send a message on the web. Say whether you wantContinue reading “Montana Legislature Update – Jan. 25, 2021”